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Pandemic continues to ravage the world. All are affected, old, young, cashiers, doctors. Even current deputies or former ministers ... The President of the Republic was very clear: we are at war, and to win this war you must stay at home. The State will pay in full those who take shelter.

Yes but here, again, the political word are bullshit. We are told that to govern is to foresee: they have been incapable of planning to stock up on masks, tests, drugs that would have helped to stem the spread of the disease. When Macron had promised that all workers who don’t work would be paid whatever the cost, he hadn't foreseen the consequences.

Result, now that they have done their calculations, they no longer want to assume the cost of their improvisation, and it is us that they ask to assume the risks of their stupidity by paying with our health and maybe our life, while going back to work.

Employees of the aerospace industry, we therefore received emails from our dear HR managers who beg us to return to work to save the company. Their main argument? Excerpt from the email we received: "Even if the State communicates about paying your earning while you are under Job retention Scheme, it is the company that will have to advances wages and we are not sure that we will be reimbursed by the State". In other words, because the bosses do not trust the state to fulfill its promises, we are asked to avoid the hole in the business’s assets created by Job retention and we have to take all the risks!

To try to reassure us, the bosses are fawning. They describe to us all the good measures they have put in place for us: disinfectant, hydro alcoholic gel, daily sanitation disinfection tour, working groups in small numbers, protocol for respecting safety distances, wearing a mask if necessary… So many nice concerns to get us back to work. On the other hand, not a word on the installation of hand washers with non-manual control, which alone would prevent transforming the taps into a source of re-contamination of the hands...

To support their request, the bosses join us a letter signed by three ministers, Lemaire [economy], Pénicaud [work] and Véran [Health] who are crying "it is crucial that the production factories can continue to work on French territory". A letter from ministers of the very State whose boss himself tells us that he is not sure that it will keep their promises...


As the HR managers are not completely stupid and know that we only have moderate confidence in the word of the State and its representatives, to finish reassuring us they join us a letter signed by the Unions (CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO metals) and confirm that an “extraordinary Joint Consultative Committee (CSE) has given a favorable opinion on the back-to-work under the conditions that we have defined together”. In other words, the Unions have agreed with the bosses on how we are going to be exploited. When we tell you that Unions are there to discuss the length of our chains or the thickness of the mask, this is confirmed once again!

Let us be clear: it is not that we are against creating or producing goods, nor that the risk scares us. But even if it means endangering our health and that of our families, we want it to be USEFUL, for everyone. In the current pandemic and stopped world economy, what is the meaning and the usefulness of working "as usual"? We agree to go back to work despite the risk, but to produce medical equipment, respirators, hospital beds, masks, and disinfectant, in short, things that are really necessary and socially useful. Will AIRBUS and its subcontractors continue to manufacture and mount military equipment?

It is we, the workers, who produce all the wealth. It is we who collectively have the power to stop this madness in the first place by refusing to work through withdrawal or a general strike, and then by taking over the production tools and making it work for the collective good


CNT-AIT 's workers of aerospace industry

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