Solidarity to the CNT- AIT and the September 29 General Strike in Spain!

With reference to the appeal from the International Secretary of the Spanish CNT-AIT, the Secretariat is receiving copies of support to the CNT-AIT and their mobilizations for the General Strike tomorrow Wednesday September 29. The Spanish workers and the CNT-AIT need all the support and solidarity they can get against the hard attacks that are planned by the Spanish Government!

We are receiving solidarity messages from IWA Sections, from unions in Sections as the French CNT-AIT union of Clermont Ferrand which both support the CNT-AIT and the ZSP-IWA mobilizations for real actions against attacks and cuts in Poland. It is also received copies of support from organizations sympathetic to the IWA as Periodico Humanidad in Peru, to mention some!

We urge you strongly to keep on the solidarity!

Long live the CNT-AIT!

Long live the AIT!

Oslo, September 28th 2010

Anarchosyndicalist greetings
from the IWA-Secretariat


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