Vincci Hotels Exploit and Dismiss

The Vincci hotel chain fired our comrade Manuel Puente after seven years in the company while he was on sick leave due to an accident he suffered at work. The accident caused him a number of bodily injuries that will prevent him from working for several years.

The labor management of this hotel chain is known for its deliberate redundancies in recent months, the gradual downsizing of the staff, the repeated use of temporary agency workers at the expense of permanent employees and the systematic breach of the collective agreement for the hotel sector. But it is fundamentally characterized by increasing levels of exploitation towards the hotel workers, who are forced to overtime and performing functions other than the ones they should, and by all sorts of aggression against the most basic rights of the workers.

Therefore the CNT-AIT denounces the dismissal which happened in Granada, which is not isolated in the context of exploitation in the current employment situation.

No dismissal without a response!

Organize and struggle!

CNT-AIT Granada



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