Solidarity with the striking workers at EULEN-ABB!

This website wrote last year about the conflict that the CNT-AIT has with the company EULEN. It started after the constitution of the union section of CNT, specially in the workplace under the multinational ABB.SA. This two years long conflict is now reactivated and an indefinite strike started on November 28th 2011!

The CNT-AIT of Cordoba explains the background of the conflict: "In these two years there has been three causes of conflict with the company: the struggle for job security and against dismissals and reprisals, the struggle for the application of a fair collective agreement and the struggle for the compliance with the rules of risk prevention.

We have had many victories, in the judicial field and from the mobilization: reinstatement of the section union delegate, reinstatement of the dismissed workers, compensation for unfair dismissal for comrades with "temporary service" contracts when reinstatement was not achieved. Judgment for the application of the Regional collective bargaining agreement of Metalworkers, instead of the transport workers, with an improvement of over 400€/month, and more.

This is all now in danger, because of the expected change of contract at the end of the year where EULEN leaves the contract in favour of EUROCEN, logistics division of the ADECCO GROUP, with the stated goal of ending the climate of labor conflict and the end of CNT in the company (....)

All of the struggle in this outsourcing companys only hides the fact that they use this business formulas to divide the workforce which in these outsourced companys have lower salaries and worse conditions than in the contracting company.

Thats why, although most of the struggle has been directed to EULEN, it's the multinational ABB the last responsable of the situation, and the target we aspire is that the company recognises the employment relationship, the end of the outsourcing and the aplication of the ABB collective barganing agreement to all workers.

Therefore, before the outsourcing contract ends with the clear "union cleaning" and for even more worsening of salaries and loss of workers rights (loss of seniority, loss of acquired conditions, failure to implemente metalworker agreements etc.. ) the union section of the CNT called for strike as a way to assure job security and to stop illegal workforce selling to ABB, and also to stop the serious violation of risk prevention".

With reference to the call from the CNT-AIT of supporting the striking workers of EULEN-ABB in Cordoba, the IWA Secretariat encloses below contacts to send faxes and make protests. The CNT-AIT requests for mass fax sending and other solidarity actions against these multinational companies!

Eulen companies Go to "EULEN en el mundo"

ABB companies Go to the right on the site: "Where to find us"

Eurocen- Spain

Eurocen is part of Adecco


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