ABB is trying to end up the strike by breaking the contract with EULEN and using ADECCO to substitute the striking workers

EULEN dismisses most of the Strike Committee members in an attempt to break the strike.

Today ABB has forbidden the Strike Committee to access to its premises, adducing contract breach with EULEN and hiring ADECCO – EUROCEN services to cover the tasks of the striking workers.

On its side, EULEN fired on December 31st to 9 of the 12 members in the Strike Committee, in an attempt to break the strike, a clear action of union repression. The workers also denounce that the rest of workers are being held hostage in the game of interests between EULEN, ABB and ADECCO thus trying to split the workers and aggravating the situation of uncertainty about their future.

Despite this, the workers have decided to continue the strike together, taking into account that EULEN is nothing more than an intermediary of the lead company, ABB against which the strike is hold since the beginning, and which is the main responsible for the situation created to the struggling workers.

The Strike Committee considers that ADECCO and the newly hired workers, who initiated their services today, are only scabs against the strike and it will denounce the situation to the Court such as it did against the previous companies intervening in this conflict.

The strikers also consider that the decision to fill the factory with inexperienced scabs, with the only purpose to break the strike and to get hold of cheaper workforce and with fewer rights, simply shows the contempt of this multinational for its experienced staff well performed job, quality and know-how and for the safety of its own workers.

The striking workers make movements of great precision, with cranes and trucks of great tonnage transformers. Replacing them with inexperienced and unqualified workers can only jeopardize the safety of people and goods at the ABB factory. This has been passed to the ABB Worker Committee for them to take the appropriate measures.

To this end, the Strike Committee has called a meeting with the ABB Works Committee for tomorrow evening in order to discuss the situation created by the continuation of the strike and the ABB resorting to ADECCO scabs.

Strike Committee / EULEN-ABB Workers

From the IWA-Secretariat

Dear comrades,

we send you this about the very serious development of the EULEN-ABB strike/conflict where ABB is using ADECCO as scabs/strike breakers to substitute the EULEN-ABB workers. 12 members of the Strike Committee have been sacked in an attempt to break the strike!!

Please, speed up the solidarity!

Oslo, January 5th 2012

Anarchosyndicalist greetings



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