Workers' Anti-Repression Fund

Solidarity and legal defense for repressed workers and unionists!

In the battle against exploitation, workers in Poland are currently in a very weak position. In many companies, workers' rights are violated and they would like to make their situation known. Unfortunately, for talking publically about these violations, workers are often fired. A good example was the recent case of Jarek, fired from BRW Sofa for an article in the paper about how the Labour Code was violated in his factory. And there are many situations like this.

Because ZSP published what workers said about that company, BRW Sofa has got the police on us - the Department of Economic Crimes - trying to track people down and presumably start some criminal case. Nobody knows what crime BRW imagines we have committed. The company is owned by one of the richest men in Poland, and goes after workers and activists who defend them.

When the companies cannot get to the workers, they will even go after the organizations that support them. If those are not registered, then even after the owner of the domain name of the organization's site.

Because people can and have been fired and may find themselves in a difficult financial situation, and because we need money for legal help in different situations we now face, we have created an antirepression fund in order to help workers who have been repressed or are being sued for speaking about their working conditions.

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