USI – AIT call for general strike on January 28th 2011

The general strike of all public and private professions, for the whole day, is called in particular against all laws and agreements between unions, Government and employers, present and past, that aim to limit freedom of strike, negotiation and representation, but also:

- against all laws, present and past, that aim to reduce workers' wages and to worsen their working conditions;

- against any attempt of charging only the workers for the consequences of the economical crisis, by rising retirement age and freezing wages in relation to inflation;

- for major pension and wage rises, free from productivity, and guaranteed income and services for all, recovering money from tax evasion and profits;

- for the end of spending on defence and of security and warmongering logics; the money saved by stopping these useless spending should be used to create new imployment;

- for the end of any kind of temporary employment and the hiring of all temporary workers and of those payed under the table with permanent contracts;

- to free the residence permit from the employment contract, for the withdrawal of the package of security legislation and to close the CIEs (former CPTs).

The USI – AIT National Secretary
Guido Barroero


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