Solidarity campaign with WSI Pakistan

The Workers Solidarity Initiative (WSI) is a young group from Pakistan, which seeks to spread the principles, tactics and aims of anarchosyndicalism among the workers of this country.

They develop their activity under difficult conditions, political violence in Pakistan being daily, whether ethno-nationalist (especially against the Baluch, Pashtun and other minorities) or Islamist , not to mention the omnipresence of the army and the endemic corruption that plagues the country. Apostates and other "blasphemers" (real or supposed) are regularly condemned to death by official justice, when it is not the Islamists who are responsible for carrying out the sentence ...

The companions had already translated Rudolf ROCKER's reference book "Theory and Practice of Union Anarchism" into Urdu, the official language in Pakistan.

The electronic version of this brochure can be downloaded online from this page.

They now want to be able to edit it in hard copy to distribute it as much as possible in their country, but their resources are limited.

We are launching a subscription to help our Pakistani companions. You can contribute via the online collection platform :

Solidarity is our strength!

ناانصافی اور ظلم کے خلاف
، آزادی اور مساوات کے لئے
، انقلاب میں شامل ہوں!

Against injustice and oppression,
For freedom and equality
Join the revolution!

Companions of the CNT-AIT in France




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