Peace in the cottages, War in the Palaces!

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is only the consequence of a geopolitical and economic system fundamentally inhuman.

By systematically pushing populations against each-others through nationalism, by making the quest for power and the search for the best profit the ultimate goal of everyone's life, this system - constitued of the Capitalism and its ally the State- annihilates all solidarity and pushes to a frenzied individualism.

It generates war and barbarism by destroying the great natural balances (climate, biodiversity, etc.), creating health crises (Covid, etc.) and social crises (famines, plundering of resources, etc.).

We refuse to enter into this deadly logic.

We are with all the courageous opponents who in Russia and Belarus, despite the very brutal police repression, oppose this war madness.

We stand in solidarity with any desertion and we call on Europe to open its borders to all those who flee or refuse to participate in the war.

We affirm that only social revolution is able to build another future through solidarity, justice and freedom in peace.

In Ukraine, Ethiopia, Yemen or elsewhere:

Peace to the cottages, war to the palaces!

CNT-AIT France



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