Organize and fight against all repression and exploitation!

The workers of Tunisia have confronted the old dictatorship and now workers, unemployed and students are confronting the Mubarak Regime. The workers and students in Egypt and Tunisia are an inspiration to the world wide working class movement!

They are demonstrating once again the power ordinary people have to make change by own forces. The International Workers Association (IWA-AIT) by its Secretariat strongly condemns all repression against the demonstrators!

We have no illusions about the politicians now fighting among themselves to be the new leaders of Egypt. They will use workers as cannon fodder in their bid to get rid of Mubarak. But once in power the very same leaders will use the forces of repression, the state the army and the police to restore order and make Egypt once again safe for the capitalism to make profits.

The mobilizations can be important embryos and experiences for the struggles of a future that goes wider than changing a dictator with a “democratic” (mascara) regime that’s in fact is a capitalist economical dictatorship. This will require real free and fighting unions that challenges the whole system of exploitation and oppression.

Workers will never be truly free from exploitation and oppression until the workers of the world organizes and fights with the goal of substituting the present capitalism with a system run by themselves that can provide real social and economical freedom for the workers!

Long live workers international solidarity!

Against all repression and exploitation!

Oslo, February 5th 2011


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