May Day Greetings

As people around the world are pushed into more and more precarious working conditions, as the achievements of decades of struggle of the working class are under attack and growing numbers of working people must survive in conditions of poverty, it is of extreme urgence to organize and mobilize against the exploitation we are suffering.

On the First of May, workers around the globe celebrate an international day of labour, commemorating the strikes of Chicago in 1886 and the martyrdom of the anarchist labour organizers whose lives were unjustly taken by the state, killed for being active in the workers' movement. Like our predecessors, we continue fighting with determination not only for concrete victories of the working class, but also in favor of self-organization and emancipation and for the transformation of society into a world of equals.

The International Workers Association sends its greetings to working people on this day. Our member Sections will be out on the streets in many countries and we invite you to join our protests. But going out to protest is simply not enough. We must be actively building a resistance to capitalism and all forms of exploitation with a new urgency.

The capitalist is able to effectively use different segments of the working class against each other, as it tries to increase its profits, eliminating better jobs in favour of lower paid and more precarious, always exploiting the most desperate to survive. This is happening on a global scale and the response to it must be global too.

We strongly underline that our International is meant to act for the same goals on a global scale and that we consider international workers solidarity to be a powerful force which can overcome the growing nationalist and authoritarian movements that divide the working class and help maintain the power of the elites.

Now, more then ever, we need to organize and fight!


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