IWA- External Bulletin no 3

The labour movement and workers face major assaults on its conditions and rights and with these attacks come also ideological campaigns. Workers are accused of having been living over all means and spending money they did not have. Greek citizens have been branded amongst other things to be ‘lazy’, ‘corrupt’, and ‘inefficient’ by their own and foreign politicians and business people.

This ideological campaign tries to convince working people that the austerity and crisis is ‘their fault’ and not the reckless speculation and deregulation of the world economy. Austerity measures and attacks are presented as “financial necessities” and “laws” and the workers must obey in order to later have new prosperity and growth.

The articles of mobilizations, actions, work conflicts and campaigns in this issue 3 of this External Bulletin which is compiled by the IS of ZSP-IWA (Poland), shows what these “financial necessities” means. The attacks continue all over, but especially in the so-called PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy Greece, Spain) which were speculated towards and targeted of a powerful group of Anglo-American financiers from the end of 2009.

EU seems glad to support the "Arab Spring", while they are attacking their own citizens on all fronts. The attacks creates resistance, as also this bulletin shows, and there will be general strikes in Portugal, Spain, Greece etc on November 14.

The direct actions of the anarchosyndicalist organizations are run by their affiliates, and not by paid union officials. The organizations don`t and won`t receive any subsidies from the state and/or capitalists and that do not class collaborate!

For workers self-organization and emancipation!

Oslo, October 29- 2012
IWA- Secretariat



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