On the Current Events in Ukraine

Currently in Ukraine, a power struggle is taking place. Many working class people, whose interests are not protected by the state or capital, and whose material situation is often dramatic, have been taking part in these events, hoping to bring in change and secure a better future.

Struggling, protesting, striking are normal and positive reactions against an injust or oppressive system. Our solidarity is with working people, against all those who exploit them, govern them and mislead them, taking power and control over the real issues that effect their lives. However it is hard to miss the fact that with these protests come a power struggle between different groups of bourgeoisie, governors and would-be governors who will bring no good to people, just change the names of the ruling cliques, just direct the benefits of ruling into new pockets.

We strongly denounce the repression and violence used, whether by state agents or by thugs protecting somebody's interests.

This conflict may have many aspects, but it is clear that we cannot support either of the main power interests. We are equally against the repressive regime of Yanukovich and the main tendencies of the „opposition”, which range from Euroenthusiasts naively believing in the myths of neoliberals, to nationalists and even fascistic groups.

The governments of the European Union, presented as some type of „solution” by some Ukrainians, can repress just as well as Yanukovich and as workers in all those countries know, it is not anything that guarantees any better standards of living. Many of its realities mean just the opposite.

What is needed is an movement that will attack, at the same time, the two leading causes of misery and repression: the state and capital. We call on all workers and libertarian organizations of Ukraine not to be used as pawns or useful idiots of the main factions, to call mass assemblies and to create alternative slogans and goals for your struggle!

Long live the struggle towards libertarian social revolution!

IWA Secretariat
Warsaw, January 26, 2014


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