[Press Release] The CNT criticizes the Demobilization of Visteon Workers

• The CNT does not understand how the leaders of the CCOO and the UGT make a pact to ”go on holiday” in such an extreme situation

• The CNT calls on the workers to continue protests and has announced a global day of action against Ford -Visteon

The CNT union in Visteon-Cádiz Electronics wants to denounce the demobilization that the official unions are causing among the staff. In late July, the CCOO and UGT leaders met in Seville and agreed not to take any steps until September. The workers have not been asked whether they want to take a "holiday" in the middle of conflict inwhich we are engaged. Given the anti-democratic nature that this struggle is taking the fight, where the assemblies have hardly any decision-making capacities, we fear that the union leaders have already agreed a solution to the conflict involving the destruction of jobs.

While we Visteon workers lower our guard and are demoralized by not being able to work because of the lack of parts, the union professionals will stuff themselves with seafood at the beach with the money from the redundancy plans they signed and the company will buy time to prepare their plans. The script of this movie was written longago and the workers were assigned the role of extras without any dialogue.

We are asking ourselves how much the CCOO and UGT make for the signing the redundancy plan. Are the same unions that negotiated a redundancy plan allowed to take a commision for giving "technical and legal advice"? The CNT, which has never signed or will ever sign a redundancy plan, will not stop the fight. We will increase ourmobilization at the local, national and international levels.

Locally we have prepared a battery of mobilizations in the various affected municipalities: Sanlúcar, Rota, El Puerto and Jerez. These will include demonstrations, talks, posters, press releases ... If the company closes the factory, nobody from Cadiz will buy Fords.

At the national and international level, the unions of the CNT nationwide and our international sister unions are already starting actions. The CNT in Igualada, for example, has already taken action in solidarity at the Visteon plant in their municipality.

This schedule of demonstrations and activities will culminate on August 19th with an International Day of Struggle Against Ford-Visteon, in which protests will be held worldwide against the multinationals Ford and Visteon. This day of action will end with a concert in Sanlúcar de Barrameda at 21:00 in solidarity with the workers affected by the closure of Cadiz Electronics. We invite all employees of the factory to the assemblies that the CNT organize every Saturday and to participate in the activities and demonstrations called by the union.



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