IWA Action Days – Mobilizations of the ZSP-IWA

March 29

-Support for the General Strike called by the CNTE in Spain. Picket at the Spanish Embassy and Demonstration. Mysliwiecka St. 4 in Warsaw at 16:00. At Copernicus Monument (Nowy Swiat 69) at 18:00.

March 30

-Action against the privatization of school cafeterias and the replacement of permanent staff by precarious workers. ZSP is organizing against the proposed closure of up to 800 public schools in Poland, against cuts in education, the privatization of auxiliary services and the liquidation of jobs. ZSP Education points out that the proposed privatization of school cafeterias means the liquidation of permanent jobs and an increase in the costs per meal as private catering companies charge more for these services. While the price per meal can increase between 30-70%, the difference will be pocketed by the private firms. The cafeteria staff will either be fired or transfered to the private firm using a legal loophole. As a result, they will become precarious workers in jobs known for extremely bad working conditions.

-Protest against deportations under Dublin 2. In coordination with actions taking part in other European cities that day. Poland is the first country of entry for many immigrants so internal EU deportations are often to Poland. Living conditions of immigrants, both “tolerated” or in detention prisons are intolerable. ZSP sees the politics of migration control as a capitalist strategy of managing the labor market in a way to ensure both exploitation in the third world and in the countries to which the immigrants go in search of work and survival.

March 31

-Demonstration against social cuts, austerity measures and capital's attack on workers. Among the issues raised will be the closure of schools and the commercialization of education and auxiliary services, slashes in public health spending and public housing. March 31 is also the day when a new law will allow people to be evicted into the street without any need to provide them with social housing. The demonstration starts at 13:00 on Pl. Zamkowy in Warsaw.

-In the evening there will be a concert/party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the ZSP.



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