Statement of the XXVI Congress

On the 2nd – 4th December 2016 there was a well attended congress of the IWA held in Warsaw, Poland whereupon it was resolved to reaffirm the aims, tactics and principles held by the IWA and to commit to strengthening and growing the international.

The congress has approved the creation of workplace organizer training and strategy for workplace activities groups. It was also decided to organize promotional events throughout the world to facilitate the dissemination of our ideas and encourage workers to join our ranks.

The congress also saw a number of new affiliations and, unfortunately, disaffiliations.

The CNT, FAU and USI have been disaffiliated as a result of a conscious disregard for process, statutes and dues of the IWA. The divisive and destructive attempts by of the CNT’s Confederal Committee in complicity with FAU and USI is nothing more than an attack on the very principles, tactics and aims of the IWA and anarchosyndicalism.

We denounce their attempts at appropriating the IWA’s name and creating a parallel organization to the IWA in the strongest terms possible.

We recognize the conflict within the CNT. We received declarations of support addressed to the congress by about 40 local unions from Spain (both current and former members of the CNT), and the congress was also attended by a number of observers from these and other unions who are concerned with developments within their organizations.

We remain in solidarity with one another and welcome those who are organising and fighting against exploitation to join us.

Adopted by the Congress, December 4, 2016


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